If you can change it, you can test it

This is our motto at Platypus. It’s how we continue to deliver for our clients regardless of how often Google or Facebook may try to change things up. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, but with constant, constant testing, we’ll always stay one step ahead.

Here’s a few of the experiments we’ve tested for clients. Feel free to give them a go on your accounts – the more testing going on, the more we’ll all learn 

Platypus Media - Testing Testing - Facebook Ads Tests You Should Be Running - Square

Facebook Ads

Testing, Testing—The Facebook Ads Tests You *Should* Be Running


Google Ads Performance Max Assets vs Feed Only - Platypus Media

Google Ads

Performance Max: Assets or no?


Create Custom Channel Definitions in GA4 - Platypus Media

Google Analytics

Create Custom Channel Definitions in GA4


Why Novemer is too late for your Google Ads Peak Strategy - Platypus Media - Square

Strategy: Peak

Why November is too late for your Google Ads Peak strategy


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