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Create a splash with powerful, data-driven ads. Are you ready for sustainable business growth? Let’s dive in.

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Hi, we’re Platypus

Whether you’re starting to use paid media for the first time, or you’re not seeing great results with your current agency, we’re here to help.

When you enter the Platypus Media pond, you’ll get:

🤝 Ongoing friendly and helpful support from our paddle of experts

🙌 Honesty about what’s going on—and what it means for you

📊 Constant, constant, constant testing

Social Media Ads

Wherever your audience is hanging out – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or even TikTok – we’ll reach them with high-converting ads


From Google to Microsoft, Shopping to Search, Display to YouTube, you can expect innovative 💡 and efficient campaigns 


Beyond reporting, we’ll make sure your data flows intelligently to get the most out of your ads

The secret to successful ad campaigns?


Testing—you need an innovative strategy that includes ongoing testing from ad copy and creative through to targeting and bidding

Maintenance—you need to be diligent with essential regular maintenance tasks


The Platypus pond is where creativity and analytics combine

Not happy with your current agency? You can bet your bottom dollar there’s either not enough testing—or not enough care.

And we’re here to fix that for you.

Meet the paddle

We’ve populated the Platypus Media Pond with a paddle (isn’t that the best collective noun ever?) of paid media experts.

Meet the team who’ll drive the ethical and sustainable growth of your business with powerful, data-driven Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Paid Media Specialist

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Founder & Paid Media Manager

Olivia Cowley

Olivia Cowley

Paid Media Assistant

Kona Coffee Robinson

Kona Coffee Robinson

Team Wellness Assistant

Want to dip your toes in?

Here’s a quick feel for the hands-on way we work 🙌 

People + machines

With three paid media experts on the team, we combine the power of human creativity with the impressive data processing capabilities of machine learning

Data + imaginations

To start with, we extrapolate the relevant raw data to see what’s happening. 
This lets us see exactly how and where we can help you


Testing + results

Now, it’s time to add our analysis and interpretation. And because the machines have crunched the numbers the pressure’s off. So, we’ve got the wiggle room to add a little fun into your campaign + can work out:

a) how to make a splash &
b) how to make your ad budget go that bit further.

Come on in, the water’s lovely…


Platypus Media - Google Ads Agency - Gateshead, UK

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