Like you, we’re human too

Ever had a random email or phone call from someone asking if you’ve been in a car accident, had a loan in the past five years or trying to sell you website services? Ugh, us too. And we HATE that. So much so, that we would be mortified if anything like that happened to you, because of us.

If you decide to entrust us with your data we want to be ultra clear on how we will and how we won’t use that data.

Thinking of joining our email list?

When you subscribe to our email list we’ll ask you for your name and email address. We want to address you by your name rather than just ‘hey you’, that’s weird.

We will NEVER sell, trade or rent out your email address or give it to another company to use as if they acquired it themselves. We will, however, use it with third-party applications like our email service provider, MailChimp, so we can email you. We will also use it for remarketing purposes through social media for our website, products and services.

Browsing our website

How we use website cookies

We love data and our company is largely based around using data to help people improve their marketing. Using Google Analytics we’ve learned a lot about our website. We’ve discovered what content our visitors like, what pages they don’t, when they like to visit and many other useful bits of information. It’s important to note that this data is collected via website cookies administered by Google Analytics and no personally identifiable information is collected through this process. We may be able to understand a little bit about your characteristics, but we’ll never know who you are.

Similarly, we also use website cookies from social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. Again, no personally identifiable information is collected by us through this process.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. If you want to stop your computer from accepting cookies from us, then follow your internet browser’s instructions on how to do this.

What we do with anonymous data

We use anonymous Google Analytics data to improve the content of our website. If we discover that one of our pages is outperforming many others, we’ll come up with more content like it. If we find that people aren’t spending much time on a particular page, we’ll revamp the content to make it more useful for our visitors.

We also use anonymous data for marketing purposes. For example, if we find that most of our visitors are of a similar demographic (age, gender, location) then we may use that information to help target any advertising we do. Anonymous data may also be used for remarketing on the web and social media. Whilst the data is anonymous to us, website cookies may be matched back by Google, Facebook & LinkedIn.

We will NEVER sell, trade or rent out our website data.

If you leave our website

We sometimes share links to other websites. If you choose to follow one of these links please be aware that we have no control over that website’s terms of use or privacy policy. Make sure you’re ok with and accept that particular site’s use of your data when browsing.

How we protect data we collect

Whether personally identifiable or not, we take guarding data very seriously. We use secure systems and processes to protect data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We also monitor who has access to data, how it is being stored and regularly check that it is only being used for what we’ve said we’ll use it for.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch!

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18th August, 2023

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