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Click worthy ads served to your target audience (and constant, constant testing)

Analyse. Plan. Execute. Optimise.

 Running ads across Google Search, Shopping + Display isn’t rocket science. But it does require strategy, testing and a whole lot of love. And that’s where others miss the mark.

We’ve heard it before. It usually starts with ‘they were great in the beginning‘ and somewhere between ‘the lines of communication slowed right down‘ and ‘they stopped coming up with ideas to test‘, it ends with ‘performance just isn’t where I need it to be‘.

We feel you. And can confidently say we’re different because we live for testing. Yes we love ads, but what we love more is digging deep into the data, coming up with new testing plans, putting them into action and continually optimising.

And that’s why we’re still head over heels for and testing like crazy on clients that have been with us for almost a decade. If you’re looking for a short term thing, we’re probably not the ppc agency for you.

Platypus Media - PPC Agency Gateshead

Humans + Machines

We use a blend of humans and machines to get the best results possible from Google Ads + Facebook Ads. Utilising machines allows us to analyse incredible amounts of data, spot performance trends quickly and reduce wasted ad spend.

This gives us humans more time to work on what the machines aren’t so great at, like develop a unique account strategy, craft click-worthy ads, discover new audiences to target, create a/b testing plans as well as deliver insightful updates and reports.

Ad performance a little blah?

The secret to successful ad campaigns comes down to two main things; having an innovative strategy that includes ongoing testing and being diligent with regular maintenance tasks.

Not happy with your current ads performance? You can bet your bottom dollar there’s either not enough testing or not enough care.

Let’s fix that.

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