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The advertising industry sucks

We know. We’ve seen the absolute worst of it and have stories that will make your blood boil. You probably do, too. From big agencies promising the world then passing your account to an overworked junior who’s been in the job for three months, to bros pitching for your business then going on reddit asking how to run Google Ads.

To be the best at PPC you have to be creative, analytical + confident. Teams with too many clients waste brain-power constantly switching between accounts and when you’re stretched too thin creativity goes out the window. Overworked and stressed equals mistakes, lack of testing and ultimately, poor performance.

Platypus was created to be different. We’re building something truly special here and it all starts with our paddle (isn’t that just the coolest collective noun ever?).

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Happy people are creative people 

Our people are the heart and soul of Platypus. From a four day working week to weekly self development time, private health insurance for all to a pet-friendly office, the happiness of our paddle is what we attribute our awesome results to (check out our case studies to see for yourself).

And, if you partner with us these are a few of the reasons you’ll stick around…


We live + breathe PPC

 You can bet your bottom dollar that what was true for Google, Meta or TikTok yesterday, won’t be the same today. We’re PPC specialists and our laser focus means we can test different features and settings in your ad accounts that other agencies didn’t even know were there.

With self-development time baked into each paddle member’s weekly hours, you know they’re on top whatever changes Google or Meta throw our way—and what those changes mean for you.


We’re an extension of your team

Need us on your wider team calls? No problem. Want us to work with your SEO partner or in-house videographer? You got it. The deeper you invite us into your business the more magic we’ll be able to deliver in your Google Ads + Facebook Ads accounts.

Our team handle a max of four clients each to allow them to really invest in your success. 

Platypus Media integrate so well with us as an agency partner that they join pretty much every call we have as a business. And there’s no ambiguity. That’s invaluable. When our buying team says something, I know Platypus get on with the job immediately—there’s no need to wait— it just gets done.

Gareth Chadwick

My 1st Years


Our motto: Always be testing

No matter how long you’ve been with us (our client tenure is long—some of our clients have been with us almost a decade!) you can guarantee the testing will. not. stop. ever. Curiosity is not only at the centre of our hiring process, it’s in our DNA.


Our efficiency doesn’t stop with your ad spend

Because we’re small, your fee is invested directly into the individuals getting you the best results possible. You’re not paying for sales people, or for endless training of new staff—our team retention is stellar, not a single resignation yet.

On the topic of fees…

Meet the paddle


Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Performance Marketing Manager

Macy Russell

Macy Russell

Paid Media Assistant

Olivia Cowley

Olivia Cowley

Paid Media Specialist

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Founder & Paid Media Manager

Kona Coffee Robinson

Kona Coffee Robinson

Team Wellness Assistant

Results we can't help shouting about

Who doesn't love a good case study? 

Platypus Media x My 1st Years - Case Study
Platypus Media x Chartered IIA Case Study

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