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Platypus Media - Google Ads Agency - Gateshead, UK

Why Platypus?


Let’s be honest, this is likely the first time you’ve even heard of this little company, so why would you want to work here? Hopefully this helps….

Four Day Working Week

Thursdays are the new Fridays, yep that’s right, our working week is only four days. Best thing is you don’t have to cram five days into four either, standard working week is 30 hours, 9:30am to 5pm.

Flexible Working

There’s a desk with your name on it at the office but if you prefer working from home, that’s cool too.

Room To Grow

You’ll get time (and budget) to work on your personal development. Whether that’s time spent reading the latest industry books/blogs, online training or heading to a conference. You’ll get the support you need to be your best.

Pets Are Welcome

The office may be small but it’s pet friendly! Yep, you can bring your pup to the office with you or if you’re working from home, a video call appearance from your furry friend would be ace. We currently have one resident office dog, Kona, who loves tennis balls and belly rubs.

Work/Life Balance

Whilst marketing isn’t physically demanding, it is mentally challenging and being able to rest and recharge is essential. You won’t be guilted into any evening or weekend work (isn’t that the worst!), but on the occasion that overtime’s available—it’ll be completely your choice and you’ll be paid for it. We believe everyone deserves paid sick leave and you’ll get 5 weeks paid leave each year plus bank holidays.

Meet the paddle

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

Paid Media Specialist

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Founder & Paid Media Manager

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