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Thanks so much for joining us at the North East Expo. We loved sharing some of our Facebook Ads insights with you. Still got questions? We’re here for you 🫶

Platypus Media - Google Ads Agency - Gateshead, UK
Platypus Media - Google Ads Agency - Gateshead, UK

From GA4 channel definitions to the ad name tags

Hope these links help you up your data, dashboard and ad creativity testing game.

GA4 Channel Definitions

Check if your UTM parameters will work correctly with GA4

Creating A Custom Channel Definition

Create your own custom channel grouping if the UTM parameters you use don’t match GA4’s default definitions

GA4 Skillshop Training

Learning is the best way to kill nervousness around using GA4

Upload Offline Data To Facebook

How to get your conversion data from a spreadsheet and imported to Facebook Ads

Try Dataslayer

The best (and cheapest) software we’ve found for pulling Facebook + Google Analytics data into either Google Sheets or Looker Studio to create your own dashboards

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Example Ad Name Tags

Looking for the ad name tag examples from the presentation? You’re welcome.

Example Ecom Structure
Example Ecom Structure

Fancy a free ads audit?

Keen for a second pair of eyes to go over your ad account? Pop your details in below.

Without any access to your ad account we can review your ads through Facebook’s ad library (genius right?) and share some recommendations. Or, if you’re happy to share read only access to your ad account, we’ll be able to share insights on not just your ads themselves, but also the structure of your account.

If you choose ads + structure we’ll email you instructions on sharing read only access with us.

What would you like us to take a look at?

What would you like us to take a look at?

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